Higher Ground Melbourne takes BREAKFAST reservations on weekdays only between 7.00am - 10.00am for groups of 6 or more. DINNER reservations can be made for groups from 1 to 14 people on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights from 4.00pm to 9.00pm. Higher Ground does not take reservations for lunch on weekdays or breakfast & lunch on weekends.

For groups and functions larger than 10 people please make a booking enquiry

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Higher Ground
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Available until 3pm.

Tivoli road sourdough or fruit toast, butter, seasonal preserves


Strawberry chia, buffalo yoghurt, mint, kiwi fruit


Whipped buffalo yoghurt, roof top honey, walnut granola, seasonal fruit, native riberry


Barley Porridge, Goats Milk Anglaise, Caramelised Apple, Prune, Crispy Brik Pastry and Pecans


Avocado seed cracker, macadamia feta, mojo verde, poached eggs, toasted and fresh seaweed


Roast Mushroom and Smoked Raclette Toastie, Pickled Qukes


Ricotta hotcake maple syrup, seeds and grains, cream, seasonal fruit, flowers


Roast pumpkin, Tasmanian miso, stracciatella, toasted seeds and farro


Minced lamb fry up, miso eggplant, fried eggs, barberry, smoked yoghurt, pine nut dukkah, sourdough


Spiced cauliflower, 
scrambled eggs,
 curry leaf, roasted chilli, housemade flat bread


Steamed barramundi, kohlrabi noodles, charred leek, bonito sesame, mushroom dashi


Benedict eggs-dry-cured ham, emmental, béarnaise, sourdough, vinegar powder


12 Hour Slow Cooked Oyster Blade Steak, Parsnip Puree, Dashi, Pickled Carrot and Garlic Flowers


Lentil and Buckwheat 'Bolognese', Grilled Black Cabbage, Shaved Fennel, Sourdough Crumb, Poached Eggs, Salted Ricotta


Kale and cauliflower salad, miso, almond hummus, avocado, poached egg, puffed rice


Confit lamb sausage roll, cucumber pickle, garlic, anchovy mayonnaise


Eggs on toast poached, fried or scrambled


Charred Greens, Miso, Toasted Seaweed


Almond hummus, seed cracker, roasted chilli, spices


Confit lamb rib, salsa verde, fried saltbush


Cured smallgoods, hand cut and locally made, pickled vegetables


Extra egg


Extra toast


Berkshire bacon


Portabello mushrooms




Spanish jamon


Cured kingfish



Available from 5pm until late.


House pop corn, brown butter, miso salt


Honey and dukkha toasted nuts, seeds and grains


Marinated Mount Zero olives


Leek and manchego croquette, green goddess sauce

$3.50 1PCS

Tivoli Road sourdough, cultured butter


Smoked sardine, bagna cauda, olive toast


Confit lamb rib, salsa verde, salt bush


Seasonal cheeses, condiments, crisp bread, sourdough


Carne sal tiempo charcuterie, house pickles

$18.00 / 80G

Seared Blue Mackerel, Buttermilk, Beetroot


Brussel Sprouts, Home Made XO Sauce, Fried Duck Egg


Duck Liver Parfait, House Cured Duck Prosciutto, Pickled Grapes, Brioche


King Ora Salmon Mi Cuit, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Dill, Sorrel


Char Grilled Catalan Leek, Sauce Romesco, Manchego


12HR Slow Cooked Oyster Blade, W/ Parsley Root Puree, Dashi, Pickled Carrots, Garlic Flower


Turnip Noodles, Local Mushrooms, Egg Yolk, Mushroom Broth, Seasame


Market Fish, Tomato Curry, Charred Cucumber, Prawn Dumplings


Pork Belly, Toasted Buckwheat, Nduja and Fennel


Half Corn Fed Chicken, Spiced Pumpkin, Dill, Lemongrass, Jasmine Rice


Roasted Baby Carrots, Almond Cream, Carrot Tops


Baby Kipflers, Mushroom Salt, Rosemary and Garlic


Green Leaf Salad, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette


Baked Baby Apple, Goat Curd Anglaise, Financier, Toasted Brioche and Walnut Ice Cream


Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Warm Quince, Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps


Seasonal Cheeses, Apple and Wattleseed Chutney, Crisp Rye Bread




Strawberry Bellini - House made strawberry coulis, topped with french sparkling wine


Rum Espresso Martini - Plantation Original Rum, coffee liqueur, square one espresso and chocolate bitters


Hot Toddy - A warming blend of Starward Whisky, fresh lemon cloves, organic honey and cinnamon


Pimms Passion - Pimms, passionfruit and orange juice topped with soda


Bloody Mary - Vodka, tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, tabasco and lemon juice with a pinch of ground pepper and celery salt


Black Cosmo - Vodka, lime and muddled fresh blackberries


Mescal Mule - Mescal, Tequila, spicy ginger beer and lime


Autumn Negroni - Campari, Sweet Vermouth and London Dry Gin with a cinnamon and star anise infusion


Toasted White Russian - Vodka, coffee liqueur and toasted cream, topped with grated nutmeg and served over ice


Ginger Honey Sour - Starward Whisky, lemon, ginger infused honey syrup and fluffy egg white


Grapefruit Sidecar - VS Cognac, freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange liqueur


Drowned Indulgence - Vanilla cream, hazelnut liqueur, Grand Marnier, Dark Creme de Cacao and a shot of fresh espresso


Cavalier, Pale Ale, Brunswick, VIC 330ml

Cricketers Arms. Lager. Melbourne, Vic 330ml


Feral Brewing Co. White Ale. Swan Valley, W.A 330ml


Mash Brewing 'copy cat' IPA. Swan Valley, W.A 330ml


3 Ravens '55' APA. Thornbury, Vic 330ml


Mountain Goat 'Steam Ale'. Richmond, Vic 330ml


4 Pines. Amber Ale. Manly, N.S.W 330ml


Bad Shepherd. Oatmeal Stout. Cheltenham, Vic 330ml


Cider Lab 'Pink Lady Apple Cider'. Geelong, Vic 330ml


2017 Moorilla Praxis Sparkling. Tas


NV, Blanc de Blancs. Prince Estivac. Alsace, Fra


2017 Dagger Pinot Grigio. King Valley. Vic


2017 Athletes of Wine, Alto! Alto! Light Bright White. Vic


2017 Pauletts Riesling. Clare Valley. SA


2016 Cape Barren Chardonnay. Adelaide Hills. SA


2017 Mount Horrocks Rose. Clare Valley. SA


2016 Ben Haines B Minor Shiraz. Yarra Valley. Vic


2016 'In Dreams' Pinot Noir. Yarra Valley. Vic


2017 Jericho Tempranillo. Adelaide Hills. SA


2017 Whistling Eagle. Bright Juicy Red. Heathcote. Vic







$0.50 +


$1.00 +

pour over


batch brew


iced filter


yue guang bai. chinese white tea (sweet, floral, mellow)


jasmine pearls. chinese green tea (jasmine, apricot, fragrant)


gui fei. taiwanese oolong tea (passionfruit, honey, lavender)


hong yu. taiwanese amber tea (plum, chrysanthemum, complex)


good morning. indian black tea (full-bodied, bold, best with milk)


chamomile flowers. egyptian organic (floral, bright, calming)


peppermint tisane. egyptian herbal (sweet, refreshing, long finish)




hot chocolate




house sparkling water 700 ml


Milla Spritz : Rainforest Lime + Lemon + Lavendar Ruby Grapefruit + Lemon Aspen Kakadu Plum + Lemon Myrtle + Lemon


iced : chocolate / coffee / mocha


cold pressed juice




Heirloom tomato, olive toast, basil, feta (gfo, veg)

Savoury cheese gourges, gruyere (v)

Almond hummus, seed cracker, pickled chilli (gf, v, veg)

Cured kingfish, rye croute, sesame, horseraddish cream (gfo)

Pickled mussel, prawn cracker, chilli mayonnaise (gf)

Whipped cod roe, raddish, salted bread (gfo)

Cured ocean trout, pickled radish (gf)

Charred padron peppers, jamon salt (gf, vo)

Compressed summer melon, spanish serrano ham, manchego (gf, vo)

Poached chicken galatine, pistachio, truffle mayonnaise (gf)

Salt and vinegar pork crackling (gf)

Hot Canapes

Leek and manchego croquette (v)

Chickpea falafel, miso eggplant, preserved lemon (gf, v, veg)

White anchovy, fried sourdough, mojo verde (gfo)

Fried Yamba school prawns, chilli salt, lemon (gfo)

Buttermilk fried chicken, black bean mayonnaise (gfo)

Bacon and egg croquette, house made HP (gfo)

Lamb sausage roll, anchovy mayonnaise, pickled cucumber

Grilled lamb cutlet, salsa verde, fried saltbush (gf)

Fried kipfler potatoes, porcini mushroom salt, garlic (gf, v, veg)

Slow cooked beef brisket, bread & butter pickles, fennel emulsion (gf)


Sliders - Confit chicken, lemon mayonnaise - Beef and cheese burger - Grilled mushroom, haloumi

Croque monsiour, ham, mustard and gruyere (gfo)

Middle eastern cauliflower salad, pulled chicken, mint and barberries (gf)

Crab vol-au-vont, asparagus

Chicken quesadilla, queso fresho (gf)

Braised beef brisket, pickled radish, crisp shallot (gf)

Parmesan risotto, aged balsamic, lemon (gf,vo)

Smoked trout salad, potato, caper mayonnaise, raddicho (gf)


Chocolate cheesecake, seasonal fruit, biscuit crumb (gf,v)

Textures of strawberry, lemon balm (gf, v, veg)

Chilled coconut rice pudding, fresh mango (v)

Chocolate mousse tart (v)

Vanilla popsicle, toffeed popcorn (gf,v)

Chocolate brownie, peanut butter, coco nibs (gf,v)